Soil to Oil

Grown Naturally:

Hemp for the Body and the Planet. All our non-GMO hemp is sustainably sourced, and grown pesticide free following organic and biodynamic standards. These growing practices protect natural ecosystems and avoid contamination of the local insect populations, topsoil, groundwater and runoff, as well as safeguarding the health of our farmers. This assures that not only is our oil made from the most natural, uncontaminated plant matter possible, but our hemp fields are enriching the earth, not depleting it.

Using the Whole Plant:

The Entourage Effect. All our extracts are made from pure, raw, whole plant hemp material. Using the whole plant in our extraction process insures you get the full benefits Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can provide, a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect. Coined by pioneer cannabinoid researcher Dr. Mechoulam, the Entourage Effects refers to the way in which the 480 compounds and 113 classified cannabinoids in the hemp plant interact, and combined provide a greater therapeutic effect than any single isolated compound could alone.

Processed Naturally:

Butane and Chemical Free Extraction. Hempful Solutions CBD oils are extracted using a butane free process with no additives or chemicals, reliably reproducing the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original hemp cultivars. Unlike many commonly available CBD oils that are extracted with the use of harsh chemicals, our oils are produced using a Supercritical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2. Without the use of neurotoxic solvents like butane or hexane, which can leave dangerous residues in oils, we can ensure that our oils are simple, clean and safe.

Quality Control:

Tested by Third Party Labs. Your health and safety are our number one priority. At Hempful Solutions we provide peace of mind with rigorous testing of all our products at multiple stages of growth and manufacturing by independent third party USA labs. This third party testing verifies the safety, purity and cannabinoid content of every product we sell. Our pride in what we create is your quality guarantee.

Hemp Oil Extract